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These piles are most suitable for residential, commercial and industrial structures with light to medium loads and are also ideally suited to areas with restricted access.

These piles can be installed with light hand held drilling rigs which are ideally suited for sites with difficult or confined access, or with a tractor mounted drilling rig on normal building platforms.

The diameter of the piles generally varies from 250 to 300mm and depending on ground conditions, can be designed to support loads in the range 100 to 400kN/pile.

For difficult or saturated ground conditions not suitable for open hole piles, permanent casings can be driven to prevent the ingress of water into the pile shafts.


The following underpinning systems are used to support the foundations of structures where settlement damage has occurred;

Jacked piles, are typically installed for structures occurring on deep seated compressible soils.

Shallow pads and or mass concrete to support foundations where competent soils occur at depth less than 1m below the foundations.

Mini auger piles and cantilever corbels for very lightly loaded structures.


As Mr. J. Crous, our Managing Director is a registered professional Geotechnical Engineer with 50 years’ experience. We can carry out geotechnical investigations for selected geotechnical applications.


The company is registered with the following authorities:

 – Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) – Reg. No. 8670104

 – Member of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) – Reg. No. 791008

 – National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) – Reg. No. 1684


We have successfully completed almost 1037 contracts since the inception of our construction activities in 2007.

We are also a Level 6 Contributor to B-BBEE.